Social Media Videography
I have been running my dogs instagram account for a few years now and have found it very useful in learning more about video editing. Click his instagram page below to see some of the reels I have edited for fun and for other brands!

"The Life of a Dog" 
This was my first attempt at a stop motion piece created for my videography class in 2021. It is about the life of my dog Dexter who passed away in fall 2021.

"Home Alone" 
A paranormal activity-inspired piece allowing me to try my hand at horror. 

"A Day in the Life of a Dog" 
This piece was made for a class my senior year, 2022. It shows the life of different things, ultimately coming together into one story. In my case I choose to watch how different dogs go about their lives everyday, documenting them from breakfast to dinner, and when they meet up together. 

A story board project created for the finished video piece below. 

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